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Our Founder 

Sheryl Prince, M.S.Ed, M.Ed.L, is a passionate educator, author, and entrepreneur. She began her teaching career in 2004 as a middle school Special Education teacher in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Over the years, she has worked assiduously to maximize outcomes for students ranging from Pre-K to young adults. During that time, Sheryl served in various capacities such as: Lead Teacher, Special Education School Improvement Specialist, and Senior Education Administrator. In 2016, she transitioned from her position as an Assistant Principal to pursue entrepreneurship. Sheryl established Elevated Youth in 2019, and continues to work tirelessly to expand the business.

Her passion for Special Education grew out of her love for her brother. In 5th grade, he was removed from the top 5th grade class and placed in a self-contained Special Education class due to an “emotional disturbance”. The lack of rigor and low expectations he encountered in this setting further exasperated his challenging behavior. Over time, he became disengaged and made the decision to discontinue his education before completing high school.


Witnessing firsthand how the system failed her brother, Sheryl was inspired to become a transformative Special Educator. Her mission is to educate, empower, and equip youth to reach limitless possibilities. She wholeheartedly believes that all students deserve equitable educational experiences that will ELEVATE them.

Our Services

Elevated Youth provides an array of comprehensive educational services to school communities and families. Our trained and dedicated staff cater to the individual needs of our clients; ensuring the delivery of quality services and products. Our mission is to maximize educational outcomes for all learners. We specialize in supporting students with unique learning needs.

Since our incorporation in 2019, Elevated Youth has partnered with school communities and families to maximize educational outcomes for all learners.

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